Packaging solutions which protect the product, brand,
    sales, consumption and the environment.

    Packaging solutions which protect the product, brand,
    sales, consumption and the environment.

One of the main purposes of packaging is to maintain and to keep the product in good condition. This is the most functional part of packaging along with product information that must be included in it to comply with legal regulations that require additives, origin, quality labels, expiry dates.

Another of the main functions of packaging is to convey brand image and connect with the public it is aimed at, as packaging is the first point of contact with the user, and therefore has to answer all their questions, in addition to being eyecatching, attractive and pleasant for the buyer.

What the user values


As consultants and suppliers of quality printing on flexible film for packaging of FMCG companies, in Fina we always consider these two main functions of packaging, adapting to the needs of each product and the brand image of our client.

Studies on packaging trends show that in stores, 64% of consumers choose a product by its packaging, and up to 41% will repeat for the same reason, while 36% choose to switch brands due to a bad experience with the product’s packaging. Therefore, the importance of packaging in the marketing strategy is obviously to attract users, but also to retain them.

According to these studies, consumers value the attributes of packaging from different perspectives, and largely consider it as important as the brand itself. For 80% of consumers, protection and preservation of the product was very important, 78% valued that the packaging facilitates the extraction of the product, while 71% considered it important that the packaging was easy to open. At present, only 45% value the fact that containers are recyclable or environmentally friendly, this trend tending to increase and to become essential in the near future.

The impact of packaging in communication was also studied, compared to other media or devices, and the results indicate that the user values packaging as a major factor in their buying decision. Up to 37% of the public chooses a product because the packaging connects with their expectations, while the purchasing decision falls to 31% on recommendation from friends, is maintained at 31% in reference to the information from online media, and decreases to 27% in the case of television. These figures highlight the importance of packaging as a communication tool.

The upcoming packaging

What will the packaging of the future be like? As we have mentioned, the trend leans towards the growing importance of environmental sustainability. Consumers expect that over the next ten years, packaging will be made of biodegradable materials, “environmentally friendly packaging,” becoming one of the most important factors when choosing a product. Similarly, the importance of recyclability and reusability of the packaging will increase, favouring the possibility of re-using. In respect to materials, plastic will replace metal and glass containers,
whereas flexible materials will tend to replace rigid ones.

In Fina trends in packaging are taken into account to improve our processes and deliver advanced solutions to our clients, both in terms of materials as well as in image and design. During this last forty years, Fina’s work philosophy has enabled us to become pioneers in introducing to the market new packaging solutions that
surprise and add value to products and brands.


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