Packaging solutions which protect the product, brand,
    sales, consumption and the environment.


Quality printing in both Rotogravure and Flexography technologies.


Fina has its origins in the family business Huecograbado FINA, founded in 1974, and specialising in the printing of flexible packaging for mass consumption products.

Today FINA provides advanced and customised printing solutions, in rotogravure and flexography, to leading food manufacturers and other sectors of the industry. In addition, Fina has a significant international presence, exporting to Germany, France, Portugal and the UK.

The key points of FINA’s philosophy are a combination of excellence, innovation, technology and maximum respect for the environment.

Our History
1974 Business Venture is launched

Business Venture is launched. Huecograbado Fina, S.A. is established and the First Rotary Press is set up.

1982 Second Rotary Press

Acquisition and installation of the Second Rotary Press (eight printing stations).

1993 Third Cerulti Rotary Press

Acquisition and installation of the Third Cerulti Rotary Press (ten printing stations). R & D programs are developed and a major improvement takes places in ‘metallized complexes’ substituting special polypropylene.

2003 ISO 9001: 2000

ISO 9001: 2000 granted by TUV.

2008 BRC international standard certificate

BRC international standard certificate granted by SAI Global Assurance. Acquisition of a high productivity Bimec Automatic Turret Slitter.

2009 Final Installation of an air treatment plant

Final Installation of an air treatment plant with VOC's. IPPC - Integrated Environmental Authorisation granted by Ministry of Environment. Installation of an automatic cylinder washer and printing utilities.

2010 Automatic detection quality system

Incorporation of automatic detection quality system with 100% free printing anomalies to the Second Rotary Press.

2011 Fourth Cerutti Electronic Transmission Rotary Press

Acquisition of the Fourth Cerutti Electronic Transmission Rotary Press with in-line lamination, solvent and solventless and cold seal application. Relocation to a newly built facility for the company’s entire slitting and packing area.

2013 Flexography Printing Technology

Launch of the flexography printing technology with a Schiavi Flexo Printer which prints high quality works in up to 8 colours with Flexo HD and Kodak technology.


40 years experience in flexible packaging printing.

This experience and dedication as consultants and suppliers of quality printing on flexible film packaging products, highly specialised in the food sector, has allowed us to become one of the leading companies in mass consumption packaging.

Not only do we employ the avant-garde technology, but also a highly qualified professional team of chemists, engineers, master printers, graduates and postgraduates

The experience and expertise of our team, along with the technology and culture of innovation that characterizes Fina, allows us to respond efficiently to our customers' manufacturing and marketing requirements.


PASSION for total quality

Our higher added value is our passion for total quality. Passion for product preservation, colour and design. Passion for the packaging perceived quality and for a perfect finishing. Passion for delivery in perfect condition and on time Passion for being innovative, unique and for seductive packaging as brand image.

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FLEXIBILITY at all times

Total involvement from the preliminary study of each project to the final delivery of reels. Each and every specific detail is looked into carefully so that innovative solutions can be provided for each packaging.
Each process is personalised, with the most appropriate materials and technology supplied every time.

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INNOVATION to stay one step ahead

Optimised research and laboratory techniques. R & D department to develop new materials and printing systems. Pioneers in the production of trend-setting solutions in the world of packaging. Innovation that helps to make packaging and products stand out in the market.

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We are involved in packaging development right from the launching of a product. We provide innovation to enhance product presence in the market. We understand that service to our clients is a long term partnership, allowing us to provide continuous improvement to the packaging of the product.

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RESPECT for product life

Respect for the technical factors of production, strategic marketing requirement operations and purchasing needs. Respect for each project specification. Above all, respect for the environment.

  • Solvent Recovery Plant that reduces emissions of volatile compounds into the atmosphere.
  • Reutilisation of part of the products added during printing.
  • Installation of a closed circuit for water recycling.
  • Compliance with legal and environmental regulations.
  • Integrated Environmental Authorization for Graphic Arts (IEA).

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Continuous quest for EXCELLENCE

We are continuously investigating materials, optimising processes, developing technology and engaging with clients. In our company excellence is always present as we establish partnerships and improve the environment in which we live.

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In Fina we are pioneers in Spain in incorporating new technologies such as solventless, dual in-line lamination, as well as other initiatives such as Random Codes printing by in-line "inject" technology.

We strive to incorporate advanced technologies to deliver highly personalised responses to packaging needs and contribute to:

  • Extending product life with active packaging.

  • Facilitating the use of packaging: peel-ability, microwaveable, easy open, re-sealable ...

  • Using biodegradable materials.

15,000 sqm of comprehensive, integrated facilities for the processing and printing of flexible layers dedicated to the packaging of CPGs.


Rotogravure and Flexography printing.

1. Pre-sales consultancy
2. Pre-printing
3. Cylinder and plate engraving
4. Laboratories
5. Rotary press Rotogravure 2 and 3
6. Flexography
7. Rotary press Rotogravure 4
8. Laminating
9. Slitting and Packaging areas (palletization)
10. Solvent Recovery Plant
11. Cylinder warehouse
12. Finished product warehouse

We research and develop new materials and printing systems on an ongoing basis. We also develop projects in conjunction with Technological Institutes.

Technological milestones

  • Pioneers in using permeable and heat sealable cellophane for Donuts.

  • Creators of special packaging laminates.

  • Incorporation of electronical cylinder engraving in our processes (In the 1990's).

  • Special treatments available:
    • HIGH GAS BARRIER COATING,, which allows working with standard films (commodities).


    • GLOSS / MATT EFFECT Varnish. This is a registry with high chemical and mechanical resistance, which allows us the possibility of obtaining designs with gloss/matt contrasts.

    • Barniz PEARLESCENT EFFECT Varnish. We develop striking packaging with the consumer in mind: metallic ink effects, iridescence, etc ...

    • SPOT VARNISH. We apply a high gloss varnish with two SPOT TYPE components, which guarantees a glossy finishing equal to laminate.

    • ANTIFOGGING VARNISH. Coating application to avoid the fogging effect in the film.

    • We apply a RELEASE lacquer for the implementation of Cold-Seal in monofilm.

  • Development of structures to improve the speed of HFFS packaging machine (Horizontal Form Fill Seal).

  • Development of structures in order to improve the mechanical characteristics of the film to reduce waste in the packaging of sharp products.


  • Forerunners in the development of Cold Seal application in various media: monofilm and duplex laminate complexes (In the 1980's).

  • Forerunners in the use of Coex polypropylene and of metallized printing in the (In the 1990's).

  • Pioneers in Spain in in-line duplex lamination in rotogravure printer with solventless adhesive.

  • The new gravure rotary press allows lamination on solvent lines. Benefits: a print station is released in order to enable the use of one more colour, glue; solvent less glue is environmentally friendly and there is less risk of residual remains in the container.

  • In 2013 Fina was awarded First place in the Graphic Arts Awards held in Valencia, both involve the rotogravure and the flexography categories, this being the first year of our participation in this flexography award.



In Fina factory printing processes are integrated in order to ensure delivery times, guarantee control over all results and permit the optimisation of each packaging.

  • Pre-printing and photomechanical print
  • Electroplating and cylinder engraving
  • Trials printing machine.
  • Printing:
    • Rotogravure (9 colours)
    • Flexography (8 colours / HD)
  • Lamination (in-line / off-line) up to 4 layers.
  • Reel slitting and packing.
  • Aftersales Service (Technical Support)




  • Laboratory quality control integrated
  • Dissolvent recovery plant. Thus any gas does not exit to the outside and 100% of the dissolvents used for the production can be reused.
  • Closed circuit water reuse.
  • Dissolvents retention test - gas chromatography.
  • Agreements established with external laboratories: total aromatic sheets migration.
  • Quality controls on 100% of production processes and the finished product.
Integrated Environmental Regulations (Generalitat Valenciana). Obtaining Certificate by the Ministry of IPPC - Integrated Environmental Authorisation. We are the 1st company of Graphic Arts in Valencia that has achieved this recognition.


In Fina, not only do we have the best technology, but also a highly qualified professional team of master printers, engineers, chemists, graduates and postgraduates. A total of ninety eight professionals enable us to develop advanced technical solutions to effectively meet the industry and market demand.
A team of 98 professionals allows us to develop advanced technical solutions to effectively meet the demands of industry and market.
Fina Equipo
Management team and Business management

All our clients have access to a customised management team, which is experienced and fully qualified. This enables us to provide full technical support and respond with maximum speed and efficiency.

We have consolidated a body of experts, who, as a team have amassed the knowledge and experience necessary to research, develop and provide the optimum solution for each individual case.

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Fina Flexible Packaging, S.A.
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